Writer-in Residence

Cindy Watson is honored to be chosen as the 2018 - 2019 Writer in residence at the Heliconian club in Toronto, Ontario.

Out of Darkness


From the moment three-year-old Jeff Healey first laid a guitar across his lap in what was to become his signature style, it was clear he was no ordinary kid. Losing both eyes to retinoblastoma, a rare form of cancer, opened a door to another world for Jeff, a newly adopted infant. Out of darkness, he created music, becoming one of the most influential blues-rock and jazz performers of our time.

Thank you for this beautiful book and for honoring Jeff Healey so well.

Yvonne Heath


Richly detailed overview of Healey's life

Quill and Quire

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Myth of A Man's World

How did women get duped into the myth of a man’s world? Powerful women have changed the world since the beginning of time, yet we see more and more women living unfulfilled lives, struggling to find a balance to reclaim their authentic self and to step into their true power and purpose. Do you feel like you’ve lost your way, lost your passion, or lost your purpose? Dive into the Myth of a Man’s World to face your fears head-on, push past your limiting beliefs, and unleash your feminine power.

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