About Me

Cindy Watson fell in love with words from the first book she ever read aloud on her own - Green Eggs and Ham. She's been writing since she ran home with her first original prize-winning poem: "Oh me, oh my, mother said with a sigh, I just can't catch that fly ..." You get the idea. Not the most brilliant composition, but her teacher and parents had the foresight to treat her like a child progidy - and in so doing, instilled a lifelong burning desire to write. She grew up on Nancy Drew books, graduating to Mordecai Richler, Margaret Laurence and other Canadian greats by middle school. As she expanded as a reader she also expanded as a writer. 

A labour lawyer by day, she burrows away in spare moments to unleash her more creative side. Cindy lives in Muskoka with her husband, three children, computer, and her unruly ideas. She has published numerous short stories as well as two books, Unloved and Endangered Animals, and Out of Darkness - The Jeff Healey Story, for which she won the Golden Oak Forest of Reading award.

Cindy is also the founder and president of the Muskoka Authors Association.

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