Books for every reader

Out of Darkness: The Jeff Healey Story


From the moment three-year-old Jeff Healey first laid a guitar across his lap in what was to become his signature style, it was clear he was no ordinary kid. Losing both eyes to retinoblastoma, a rare form of cancer, opened a door to another world for Jeff, a newly adopted infant. Out of darkness, he created music, becoming one of the most influential blues-rock and jazz performers of our time.

Unloved and Endangered Animals


An endangered species is one at risk of becoming extinct - gone forever. While many people are concered about endangered pandas and tigers, many animals at risk do not get the same kind of attention and understanding. Among the species currently in danger are several that are not always appreciated such as bats, corals, sharks, and bees.

CIndy's nonfiction book was part of a series by Enslow publishers called Green in Focus.

Yesterday: An Anthology of Memories


This compilation of memoirs is sure to stir a reaction, sometimes heart-wrenching, sometimes side-splittingly humorous. Cindy's poignant and evocative pieces explore memories of her late father and his fiery-tempered mom.

The anthology was born of a group of talented writers from the Bracebridge Public Library memoir-writing group - the  cordinator Melody Richardson inspired the project. As she said in her introductory blurb "everyone has a story to tell ... these memories define the stories of life."