MNM 2017

I’m a glutton for punishment. I’m doing the Muskoka Novel Marathon again this year. If you remember, it’s the literacy fundraising event where forty writers descend on the community centre in Huntsville to write a novel in a weekend. Nope, that’s not a typo. We write from Friday to Monday in a marathon of writing! Lucky that Jade and I both got in again - the only mother–daughter team. Now we have to earn our stripes – in addition to hanging out with other writerly types who will also be enduring sleep deprivation, technical difficulties and characters who won’t do what we want them to do, we need to raise funds for this amazing event. 

No obligation, but if you’d like to support this great cause even a toonie makes a difference. But since our goal is to raise $32,000 (between the 40 writers) I’m hoping you may see fit to spare a bit more.😉

To donate, go to Muskoka Novel Marathon’s webpage ( and look under writers to find my name or Jade’s (alphabetical by first name). You can click on the ‘sponsor Cindy here’ button or go to the donation section. 

Thanks! Again, no obligation. Either way, I’ll report back how many words I get done in the weekend. 😅


February InCoWriMo

This year, for the first time, I have decided to participate in International Correspondence Writing Month. During the month of February I will write one letter per day - that's 28 letters in total. Check out my letters under 'blog'. To find out more about this amazing opportunity be sure to go to the official website

This is a great way to n get yourself writing but to brighten up a friends day too!

Rookie of the Year MNM 2016!

On September 23, 2016 I was crowned Rookie of the year at the Wrap-up event for the Muskoka Novel Marathon. The Rookie of the Year award goes to the first time participant who showed the most enthusiasm and spirit towards the MNM.

NorthWords Literary Fesival

NorthWords Literary Festival 2016 (hosted be Muskoka Authors Association) was a huge success! Writers came away inspired, invigorated, and informed after a fantastic full - day workshop. The formal 'literacy festival' portion of the event kicked off Friday evening and continued with non-stop literary talent throughout the weekend. Attendees laughed, cried, and were otherwise enthralled and captivated by the broad range of exceptional presentations by authors, playwrights, and story tellers. It was the literary event of the year!

Muskoka Authors Association


August 18: Denise Chong

Denise Chong is a distinguished Canadian author. The topic for the talk is "The Writer, The Reader and Memory". Drawing upon her published works, Denise considers memory as it relates to the purpose of literature and asks why, as writers and readers, we should care about memory. She discusses the nature of memory as a powerful, if flawed, tool of the writer. The writer, she says, is an arbiter not so much of what is true, but rather what may be a truth.

Works in Progress Grant!

I recently found out I was one of the successful applicants for the coveted Works in Progress grant. I feel very honoured to have recieved this grant and look forward to finishing my novel - Bruised.