February 4, 2017

Dear future me,

I trust and hope that you finally sorted out your shit and made whatever moves you needed to get your sorry ass back on track. And by on track I mean that you put your money where your mouth is to get your priorities straight and to start living life full-on again. No more half-measures. No more living in limbo waiting for a solution to magically fall on your lap (like those sad souls waiting to win a lottery to kick-start their life as it tragically passes them by).

I trust and hope that you remembered you’re the master of your own destiny, responsible for your own happiness. You cannot count on others to change to meet your needs. You need to make your dreams a reality. I hope you went out and chased them, not waiting for them to come to you. And I really hope you chose the right dreams to pursue.

Your laugh used to wake the dead. I hope you found it again. You used to know that your friends will keep you grounded and so you need to make time for them. I hope you found that time. You used to appreciate that it’s the little things that matter in this life and that taking time to acknowledge people mattered. I hope you started to take that time again. You used to know that you need to make every moment matter, to squeeze every last drop out of each experience. I miss that girl and hope to meet up with her again. I hope she found her way home.

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