Hey, Unifor!

Hey Unifor!

What the hell are you thinking? Clearly you're not. Have you lost your way ... again? You profess to be the Canadian union. You purport to wrap yourself in your Canadian flag, while you undercut the very principles for which Canadian working people have hard-fought for over 100 years.

Have you forgotten that unions are built on solidarity? That we gather our strength from our number ... an our unwavering support of each other? Unions are under attack at the moment in case you haven't noticed - in Canada and the U.S. and around the world. We are fighting for our lives - for the lives of those workers whom we represent. Now more than ever we need the power that comes from our unity. Now more than ever we need to show the world why we're relevant, why we matter. And yet you consistently choose to divide more than you bring together.

Why don't you get out there and organize the unorganized rather than riding on the coat-tails of other unions' hard sweat and labour by trying to poach their members? You purport to poach on principle, yet we hear you sniffing at the scent of easy money. You purport to wrap yourself in the CLC cloak, yet your history betrays the lie in that. How many times did your founding unions jump in and out of the CLC as it suited while trying to pillage other unions - leaving a trail of broken spirits behind the broken promises?

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