To my children

If I knew this was the last letter I could ever write to you, what would I say? Where to start? You’re adults now – how did that happen? So much I’d like to pass on to you – life lessons – mistakes I’ve made, that I’d like you to avoid (as if that’s possible) – my hopes for your future, for a happy, fulfilled life. But have I run out of time? Did I miss my window? Did I give you enough? Teach you enough? Show you enough?

I say I want you to avoid the mistakes I’ve made. But have I done you a disservice all these years in trying to protect you against them? Like our society using too much antibacterial product, providing a sterilized environment, have I deprived you of the chance to build up your own immunity? If we only learn from our mistakes, have I unwittingly sabotaged you – robbed you of the chance to fall and fail and in so doing learn and grow?

As you start on each of your adventures, to build your own life, know these things:

  • Being kind matters.

  • Generosity is a gift that boomerangs both backward and forward.

  • Being beautiful on the inside is much more important than being beautiful on the outside. In fact, the former leads to the latter. And tied to that, learning to see the beauty in people will enrich your life in ways you could not imagine.

  • Giving the most you have to give will always be enough.

  • Surrounding yourself with positive people will uplift you and help to make you the best you can be. Always strive to be the best you can be.

  • Doing the right thing is always the right choice.

  • Being true to yourself is the only way to grow.

  • Being afraid will limit your growth. Take chances in life. Leap with the unshakable belief that the road will rise up to meet you.

  • Love is stronger than hate. Always choose love.

I say I want you to have a happy life. That word seems so inadequate. It’s frowned on now as meaningless and trite. But it isn’t. At the end of the day, living a full and happy life is everything. Know that, if nothing else. If I have passed on a love of life, a desire to seek joy and to bring joy to those around you, that will b

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